Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a fire inspection?
Request 24-48 hours in advance by calling (229)794-2830

Is there any cost associated with a fire inspection?
No cost for inspections

Does the Fire Department do residential construction inspections?

How do I submit commercial construction plans and how does the plan review process work?
3 Sets of plans are submitted to Valdosta License and Inspections Department, License and Inspections Department then forward a copy to the Fire Department for review and approval. Once plans are approved then a construction permit is issued. An 80% and 100% inspection is required. After the 100% inspection, a certificate of occupancy is issued for a fee of $50.00.

What is the fee for a certificate of occupancy and how long is it good for?
The fee is $50.00 and is good for the life of the building, if the occupancy does not change.

What system testing does the Fire Department witness?
Sprinkler systems, alarm systems, fire pump, and underground piping.

How many sprinkler plans and alarm plans do I need to submit?
Submit 3 sets of sprinkler plans
to the Fire Department. After review and approval, one set will stay with the Fire Department, one set will go to the License and Inspections Department and one set will go to the job site. Submit 1 set of alarm plans to the Fire Department.

Can I burn in city limits?
The City of Hahira has a Burn Ordinance that must be adhered to.  You may access the ordinance by clicking HERE.

How to obtain an incident report?
  • There is a $7.00 administration fee payable at Hahira City Hall.
  • Call (229)794-2830
  • Fire Station - 102 North Owens Street
  •  Hahira Ga.31632

Training Division

Cheif David Thompson
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(229) 794-2830
  • Provides courses for 240 hours of education and training of all fire department personnel.
  • Online training
  • Recruit training
  • Medical recertification training
  • Conducts specialized classes for business and industry that relate to firefighting (such as fire extinguisher use).