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Fire Suppression Division

Captain Gary Williams
(229) 794-2830   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fire Suppression Activities
  • All fire suppression & life safety activities within Hahira.
  • All fire department staff is cross trained as EMT’s and medical first responders to assist EMS on medical incidents.
  • The department conducts door-to-door campaigns advising residents of the importance of having a working smoke detector.
  • Conducts familiarization tours of buildings and structures within the city by firefighters.
  • Performs emergency rescue activities, including extrication of person(s) trapped in vehicles using the "Jaws of Life."
  • Performs other types of rescues of victims in confined spaces, trenches, or other areas.
  • Conducts fire safety education tours and programs, both in and out of station.
  • Services and conducts fire flow requirements on all fire hydrants in the city.
  • Participates in other community-oriented programs, such as Halloween safety, Boy Scouts, etc.
  • Participates in the Mayors’ Veteran Motorcade, which raises supplies and delivers them to veterans at the V.A. Hospital in Lake City Florida.

Fire Department asset resources:

·          2 – 1250 GPM Pumpers
·          1 – 1500 GPM 79’ Ladder Truck
·          1 -  Rescue Truck
·          1 – Brush Truck
·          1 – Mobile cascade air system
·          1 – Command vehicle