Report Stormwater Pollution

Illegal Dumping into the Stormwater System

The discharge of any polluted water, sewage, oil, and/or other material into any natural outlet in the City, including any catch basin, roadside ditch, stream, and/or manhole, is strictly prohibited. Any person observing such discharge should report the occurrence to the Public Works Department  at (229) 794-3747 between 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM, after hours, please call (229) 563-6478, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

When contacting us, please provide as much information as possible:

  • Date of Incident

  • Time of Incident

  • Location

  • Source and type of pollution (if known)

  • Responsible party (if known)

  • Vehicle tag number (if known)

  • Your contact information*

*Your contact information is not required; however it is helpful to have in case we need
more information or follow up with you about the report.

Examples of what you can report:

  • Foam, bubbles, or a milky appearance in a ditch or waterway

  • Strange odors

  • Auto fluids (e.g. motor oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, etc) or chemicals (e.g. paint, cleaners, etc) spilled on the street or poured into a catch basin

  • Unusual pipe or wastewater that has been piped to a creek or ditch (e.g. from a washing machine, floor drain, etc)

  • Outdoor washing equipment using chemicals

  • Sediment coming off a construction site


Stormwater Management
All stormwater runoff that does not seep into the ground or evaporate finds its way into the City's stormwater system.  In the City of Hahira, the stormwater system is separate from the sanitary sewer system so when it rains, oil, antifreeze, pesticides, and other pollutants are washed from driveways, yards, parking lots, and streets into the stormwater system and released into our local watershed with no treatment.  As a result, it is important to implement Stormwater Management practices to help reduce and/or ellimate pollution from entering our community waterways and impacting our watersheds.  

A watershed is the land that drains into a body of water such as a stream, lake or wetland.  Because water flows downhill, watershed boundaries are always located on the top of hills or mountains.  Rain falling on one side of the hill will flow into one watershed, while rain falling on the other side of the hill will flow into another watershed.  Any changes to the land in a watershed will affect the water body it drains into, such as a stream or pond.

As we develop land, creating more impervious surfaces such as roof tops, sidewalks and streets, rain water has less area to soak into the soil.  Instead, it flows over streets and sidewalks then into stormwater systems that empty into our waterways, sometimes at high velocities which can cause erosion.  Rainwater can also pick up pollutants such as sediment from construction sites, contaminants from streets, and fertilizers or pesticides from lawns.  These types of pollutants are often called non-point source pollution and is one of the major threats to waterways today.  Because non-point source pollution is not associated with a specific point of entry into a water body, it is more difficult to regulate than point source pollution, pollution from a designated source.  

Stormwater Ordinances and Manual

Best Management Practices (BMPs)
The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) defines a best management practice (BMP) as both structural devices to store or treat stormwater runoff and non-structural programs or practices which are designed to prevent or reduce the pollution of the waters of the State of Georgia.  Structural BMPs can be thought of as engineering solutions to stormwater management.  Structural BMPs are used to treat stormwater at the point of generation or the point of discharge.  They can serve many different functions based on their design.  Some structural BMPs are designed particularly for urban areas, whereas others may be designed for agriculture or forestry.  Non-structural BMPs are just that, non-structural.  There are no physical structures associated with these types of BMPs.  They are designed to limit the amount of pollutants available in the environment that would potentially end up in stormwater runoff.  Non-structural BMPs typically lessen the need for the more costly structural BMPs.  This can be achieved through education, management and development practices.  Here are a few BMP examples:


Structural BMPS Non-Structural BMPs
Rain Barrel Picking up after your pet
Buffer Strips and Swales Washing your car on grass
Native Plants Getting a soil test
Constructed Wetlands Disposing yard debris properly
Pervious Pavement Disposing paint and chemicals properly

Educational Resources

Additional Resources

For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at 229-794-3747 or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Code of Ordinances and Charter

Hahira Charter Amended 3/21/2012

City Ordinances
1.1969     Regulating and Defining Mobile Home Parks
1.1972     Water and Sewer Regulations
1.1983     Business Licenses
1.1984     Extending City Limits
1.1985     Amend Chapter 17 of Code (Water Meters)
2.1985     Flood Damage Prevention
3.1985     Adopot New Code
1.1986     Amend Chapter 3 of Code (Open Burning)
2.1986     Amend Chapter 4 of Code (Alcoholic Beverages)
1.1987     Extend City Limits
1.1988     Master Retirement Plan Part 1
                  Master Retirement Plan Part 2
                  Master Retirement Plan Part 3
2.1988     Water and Sewer
1.1989     Extending City Limits
2.1989     Zoning Part 1
                  Zoning Part 2
                  Zoning Part 3
                   Zoning Part 4
3.1989     Water and Sewer
4.1989     Tree Ordinance
5.1989     A Joint Ordinance - Abolishing Valdosta-Lowndes Planning Commission
1.1990     Water and Sewer - NOT YET AVAILABLE
2.1990     Surplus Property
3.1990     Renaming of Streets
4.1990     Extending City Limits
5.1990     Amendment to 1-88 Retirement Plan
1.1991     Amendment to 1-90 Water Sewer Rates
2.1991     Water Conservation Restrictions
1.1992     Provisions for Numbering Building and Display of Street Numbers
2.1992     Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control
3.1992     Annexation of Lowndes County School Property
4.1992     Annexation of Camp Oil Co Property
5.1992     Declaring Real Property Surplus
6.1992     Adult Entertainment Establishments
1.1993     Annexation of JC Cowart Property
2.1993     Modify and Amend Charter Voting Districts
3.1993     Historic Preservation Part 1
                  Historic Preservation Part 2
4.1993     Cable Television Ordinance
5.1993     Camera Surveillance
6.1993     1994 Budget
1.1994     Extending City Limits
2.1994     Zoning Ordinance
3.1994     Atlanta Gas Light Company
4.1994     Regulating Speed LImits
5.1994     1995 Budget
6.1994     License Fees on Insurers Conducting Business
1.1995     1996 Budget
2.1995     Amend Occupational Tax and Regulatory Fee Schedule
1.1996     Amend Zoning Ordinance
3.1996     Special Election
4.1996     Unfit Buildings or Structures
5.1996     Exempt City from Application of Code Section 8-2-26(d) Self Inspection
6.1996     Adopt Various Standard Codes Relating to Inspection Activities and Enforcement
7.1996     Joint Ordinance - Abolishing Lowndes Planning Commission and Establishing Greater Lowndes Planning Commission
8.1996     1997 Budget
1.1997     Speed Zone
2.1997     Amend Chapter 7 of Code (Soil Erosion and Sedimentation)
3.1997     Code of Ethics
4.1997     1998 Budget
1.1998     1999 Budget
2.1998     Amend Ordinance Granting Atlanta Gas Light Franchise
1.1999     Cable Franchise Service and Telecommunications
2.1999     Amend Ordinance 1.91 Water and Sewer Rates
3.1999     2000 Budget - NOT YET AVAILABLE
1.2000     Telecommunication Tower and Antenna
2.2000     Telephone LIcense Tax
3.2000     Traffic and Criminla Code
4.2000    Amendment to Agreement - Capital Outlay Project - NOT YET AVAILABLE
5.2000    Amendment to Junk Car Ordinance (unsigned copy)
6.0000     2001 Budget - NOT YET AVAILABLE
1.2001     Amend Ordinance 1.91 Water and Sewer Rates
2.2001     2002 Budget (unsigned)
1.2002     Amend Subdivision Regulations
2.2002     Motorized Carts Ordinance (unsigned)
3.2002     Addendum to Utilities Ordinance - Procedures for Cutoff Notification
4.2002     2003 Budget (unsigned)
5.2002     Addendum to Water Sewer Connection
1.2003     2004 Budget
1.2004     Amend Code regarding Compensation of Mayor and Council
2.2004     Amend Code regarding Transfer of Appropriations
3.2004     Amend Code regarding Outside Burning
4.2004     Annex Property
5.2004     Amend Code regarding Budget Form and Content
6.2004     Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control
7.2004     Annex Property
8.2004     Annex Property
9.2004     Personnel Policy Handbook
10.2004    Amend Code Authorizing Acceptance of Credit Card Payments 
11.2004   2005 Budget
12.2004    Subscribe to Plan of Employee Benefits through GMEBS
1.2005     Annex Property
2.2005     Adopting State Minimum Wage Standard for Construction and Other Purposes
3.2005     Amend Code regarding Occupational Tax and Regulatory Fee Schedule
4.2005     Amendment to Franchise for Georgia Power Company
5.2005     Code of Ethics for City Council Members
6.2005     Joint Ordinance - Administrative Procedures for Enforcement of State Minimum Standard Codes for Construction
7.2005     Amend Code regarding Landscape Development Ordinance
                  Appendix A
8.2005     Suspension of Portions of Code During State of Emergency
9.2005     Require Registration of Building and Repair Services During State of Emergency
10.2005    Imposition of Curfews During State of Emergency
11.2005    Prohibit Overcharging of Goods, Materials, Services, Housing During State of Emergency
12.2005    2006 Budget
13.2005    2007 Budget
1.2007     Stormwater Management
2.2007     Speed Zone
3.2007     2008 Budget
1.2008     Amend Subdivision Regulations
2.2008     Wearing of Pants Below the Waist in Public
3.2008     Amend Animal Regulations
4.2008     Amend Code - Establish Franchise Fee of Cable or Video Franchises
5.2008     Amend Code - Flood Protection
6.2008     Amend Code - Identity Theft Prevention Program
7.2008     Accommodations (Hotel/Motel) Excise Tax
8.2008     Amend Establish Due Compensation Applicable to Telegraph or Telephone Company
9.2008     2009 Budget
1.2009     Amend Zoning Ordinance
2.2009     Amend Code - Alcoholic Beverages
3.2009     Amend Code - Animal Control
4.2009     Adult Entertainment
5.2009     Imposition of Temporary Moratorium of Building Permits Along Gateway Corridor till 11/9/09
6.2009     2010 Budget
1.2010     2011 Budget
1.2011     Amend Code - City Peddler Ordinance
2.2011     2012 Budget
1.2012     Amend Charter - Modify Election Districts 
2.2012     Amend Code - Municipal Code Violations
3.2012     2013 Budget
1.2013     Impose License Fees on Insurers Conducting Business in Hahira
2.2013     2014 Budget
1.2014     Regulate and Restrict Travel of Trucks on Certain Roadways Within the City
2.2014     Illicit Discharge and Illegal Connection
3.2014     2015 Budget
1.2015     Amend Code - Water and Wastewater Rates and Surcharges
2.2015     Soil Erosion, Sedimentation and Pollution Control
8.2017     Amend Flow Rate Restrictions on Plumbing Fixtures
9.2017     Amend Soil, Erosion and Sedimentation Control
2018-05-03   Amend Zoning Ordinance - Food Trucks and Non-Festival Temporary Vendors
2018-08-02  Amend City Alcoholic Beverages Ordinance Sunday Sales
2018-09-06  Amend Parks and Recreation Hours of Operation 
2018-10-4   Amend Solid Waste Chapter 66