Tree Board

The Tree Board consists of local volunteers to advise the city on tree-related issues and area beautification initiatives.   The Hahira Tree Board was formed by the Hahira Mayor and City Council in the early 1990s to regulate the planting and maintenance of trees in public places and improve the general welfare of the citizens by promoting informed management of the city's urban forest.

Hahira: Tree City, USA
The Tree Board is a key component of Hahira's status as a Tree City, USA.  This is a national program that provides the framework for community forestry management for cities and towns across America.  Communities achieve Tree City USA status by meeting four core standards of sound urban forestry management.  These four core standards are: maintaining a tree board or department, having a community landscape ordinance, spending at least $2 per capita on urban forestry, and celebrating Arbor Day.

Benefits of a Tree City, USA Designation:
  • Reduces costs for energy, storm water managment, and erosion control.  Trees yield up to three times their cost in overall benefits to the city, averaging $273 per tree.
  • Cuts energy consumption by up to 25%.  Studies indicate that as few as three additional trees planted around each building in the United States could save our country $2,000,000,000, annually, in energy costs.
  • Boosts property values across the community.  Properly placed trees can increase property values from 7-21% and buildings in wooded areas rent more quickly and tenants stay longer.
  • Builds stronger ties to the neighborhood and community.  Trees and green spaces directly correlate to greater connections to the neighborhood and neighbors.
  • Honors the community and demonstrates a commitment to a healtheir environment through Arbor Day celebrations.