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Living in Hahira

Renting or buying

Hahira is an excellent place to live. If its greatest asset is its warm friendly hardworking productive citizens. The greatest attraction is quality of life.  In Hahira, there is good affordable housing, an excellent school system, a low crime rate, and "easy-going" way of life.  Everyone in Hahira is a neighbor. People still stop one another on the streets to talk or gather at the local cafe to discuss everything from world politics to high school football.  Hahira contains a charm and character that sets it apart from other towns and gives it its own identity.  Part of this charm its downtown, which still retains most of its original architecture. 
We'd love to tell you more about buying or renting a home in Hahira.   If you desire more information, please contact us by e-mail, write to City Of Hahira 102 South Church Street. Hahira, GA. 31632, FAX 229-794-9310 or just phone us at City Hall at 229-794-2330. You'll be glad you did.